Friday, April 18, 2014

Why should I support this guy for anything?

As the top of the blog says, opinions are my own and not that of LCRP. I'm not speaking for the party here.

That all said, another Todd Courser email came out that's all about him. There's a quote from one of the greatest movies released. Heat. (Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro). I'll edit it instead of posting clips because of the f'bombs involved.

"Don't waste my (m-bleeping) time" - Pacino to the informant.

That's about my feelings on any "Courser challenge" for Lt Governor. 

I always wonder how Todd Courser supposedly because this super spokesman for conservatives as he claims to be. He ran for state rep and lost. He ran for state senate and lost. Both of those losses were in the primary and with a Republican primary electorate. He lost for State Board of Education in the general. He ran for State Party chair and he lost with a Republican activist electorate. He's 0-4. He's 0-3 among Republican party electorates. To the best of my knowledge although I may be wrong here, he's never had a party leadership position. He is not a spokesman for Republicans, and not a spokesman for the Republican base of conservatives. This isn't about the liberty movement. This is about being a big fish in a small pond. Cliquish games.

Here's some of what he said.

Is a challenge to the LtGov important to the cause and if so why?
There are lots of very good reasons to secure the right to challenge the Lieutenant Governor; there are very very few reasons for not securing this options for the convention. We, as political pioneers, only have so much energy to devote to the cause of liberty; we must be thoughtful and discerning on where we place our energy, money, and finally our time. For me this is always a consideration, as it is for all of you.  In this case, we as a cause, have to decide if we want to see a challenge to the Lieutenant Governor.  If so, will we work to secure or preserve the right to challenge the Lieutenant Governor?  At this point there is no challenge; no candidate has secured the right to challenge.  Regardless of what you have heard, there is not a challenger to the Lieutenant Governor for the upcoming convention.
That's semantics. In Todd's opinion there is no challenge. Wes Nakagiri has been out campaigning for the position. Courser has been running his mouth. He's sore about Wes endorsing Schostak. There's reason for the endorsement. Courser would have been a disaster. He had no plan except talking about how principled he was. Talk is cheap, and talking about principles doesn't win elections, nor does it mean that you actually HAVE principles. Repeating talk about principles and the constitution does nothing. Get constitutional conservatives elected, and I'll start listening to what you have to say. Talk "was yesterday, today you're wasting my (bleeping) time."

Republicans should not be denied the access to run...
 If we are going to be “The Big Tent of Politics,” then we need to be the free market of political ideas and energy.  We can’t keep out people who are wanting to run in elections.  We must be a party that participates in the free market process.  We claim to be the party of the rule of law and process.  In this case, there are rules which state the party leadership will not influence a primary, and yet, that is exactly what they are doing.
 To me, in my small, but statesmen like view, Mr. Nakagiri and myself should be allowed to run.  We are both Republicans, who shouldn’t be kept out of the process because some in leadership do not like the rule of the delegates having a voice in choosing their Lieutenant Governor. Some of those, whom I have approached even in the “more conservative corners, where the state committee members are open to challenging party power,” we find state committee members saying they don’t think it’s right to have a challenger to the Lieutenant Governor or they think there should be only one challenger. Well, at this point, THERE IS NO CHALLEGER.  Mr. Nakagiri has had 8 months to gather the signatures and has not at this point secure the signatures, which may not give the cause even one challenger. At this point, Mr Nakagiri and I are not candidates to challenge the Lieutenant Governor nor will we be allowed in the convention as candidates. 

I don't think you're much of a statesman considering the things you've said. Arguments about the permission slips aside, Todd, you don't even have a Campaign Committee for Lt Governor.  Wes Nakagiri has been running an actual campaign. While you mention head to head between Brian and Wes, at the last straw poll in my county, you finished dead last. You finished behind Calley, Wes, Undecided, and the write-in of governor's choice. You had literally ZERO votes.

My assessment of the Nakagiri situation.
Many will see my words as self serving, but I believe we need to be good stewards of our time and talent.  I explain the facts to encourage you to do your own investigation, but I do not see a serious challenge in him.  My intention with this email is that we, as a cause, take on efforts where we can win and more importantly move the ball forward for the cause of liberty. In this case, the polls and the obvious visible actions don’t lie, We must think about the reality of a challenge such as this and whether it is advisable and prudent.  Who is the best choice to make the challenge? 
Here is the run down, in my opinion, to consider and then decide how to proceed. I definitely believe preserving a challenge of the Lieutenant Governor makes sense and I explain that part in a paragraph down a little lower.  This is what I have seen and know regarding the Nakagiri situation…

 It's a grudge match because Wes didn't support Todd Courser. What Todd doesn't say is that he's polling less than Wes in during everything I've seen.
 1. Mr. Nakagiri is not a candidate for Lieutenant Governor until he has the permission signatures, and at this point he does not have them. (So he is not a candidate.)
2. Mr Nakagiri announced his candidacy late summer last year. (This alerted the GOP to the challenge and set off the firestorm of establishment precinct delegate recruitment.)
3. Mr. Nakagiri has not in any meaningful way moved his poll numbers to show he has gained traction. In no way has his last 8 months translated into a change in the outcome.  Right now he is not in any way a threat to the current Lieutenant Governor.
4. Mr. Nakagiri has yet to win any poll that I have seen in the head to head. ( It’s a tough, really hard, road through the convention, but for him, Mr. Calley clearly is the winner in every head to head.)
5. Mr. Nakagiri has acted like the candidate, and raised money to support his campaign, but he has not in any way secured the right to run.
6. Mr. Nakagiri backed Schostak in the last Chairman’s race and his entire inner circle are or were, in fact, Mr. Schostak supporters.
7. Mr. Nakagiri did not actively participate in fighting for right to work in the last election.
8. Mr. Nakagiri has not explained who he has employed as his convention consultant and who he intends to use to run his convention team. (The Calley team has the best convention consultant in the country, who has won 34 out of 35 conventions.)
9. Mr. Nakagiri won’t say if he has the funds to do mailers, polls, robocalls or put forward a conventnion team to win the day.
In order:

1. Wes has run a campaign. Courser hasn't. Wes may or may not get enough permission signatures. He doesn't have them either.  

2. Todd doesn't like his early announcement. That means he wants a sneak attack and surprise campaign, because he knows he does not have a majority of people on your side. Then when the campaign is going and he loses, it's due to the "evil establishment" supposedly rigging the game. 

3. Wes did not win the two straw polls at the Lincoln Day Dinner. However, Todd Courser got ZERO votes at our Lincoln Day Dinner, and ONE vote at Ingham. 

4. See three. Same thing.

5. That's more than Todd Courser has done. 

6. That's because Courser had no plan and would have been a disaster due to incompetence. 

7. Bullshit. I saw him there in the middle of the battle. I didn't see you. I was right by the AFP tent when it went down.

8. Who gives a damn what consultant he's hired? 

9. Why would he tell Todd Courser - a potential opponent - his plan?

 There is more strategy, and this is really important, without a challenger then there will be; First, little to no voice in that convention for the conservative activist wing of the party. Second, if we have one or two with the right to challenge then the establishment has to deal with that reality. Finally, and most near and dear to my heart, if we have the right to challenge, then it will create a potential of some sort of threat in the convention and this threat could cause the party to be a bit more careful in the steps leading to the convention. If they attempt to drown our conservative activists who are running in these open house seats, it is very easy for the establishment machine to throw $100k into a tipping house seat race and kill one of our 15 candidates who are running to fill these open house seats, then we will have a possible spot to bring some sort of challenge to their power in the convention 3 weeks later. It can be a bit of an insurance policy on fair conduct in the primary.  That can only happen, in any meaningful way, if we have preserved the right to challenge the Lieutenant Governor, and as I have said there is no challenge that has been preserved. I am not sure that Mr. Nakagiri has really any understanding of what a serious challenge looks like and appears to have no one on his team to put on a serious convention effort.
As the famous line from Top Gun says......

"Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash!" Again, this from a guy who is 0-4 in his election career. His closest challenge was a sneak attack that cause some folks looking. He had that set up, and he still lost. That's Todd Courser. His campaign for chair is what woke up "the establishment" much more than Wes Nakagiri's challenge.

Open house seats vs Lt Gov is apples and oranges. Courser talks about these 15 house seats and Lt Gov as this either/or thing. That has no basis in reality whatsoever. That is part of the reason you are 0-4. There's no "insurance policy" here. That's bluster and talk. "Uh oh, I better not support candidate x, or Todd Courser will do something." It doesn't work that way. House seats and Senate seats are a higher priority than conventions. Calley is a high priority for Snyder regardless of what happens with primaries. 

In addition, each individual election is its own campaign, with its own bases, and own supporters. It's not "establishment vs tea party" in these campaigns here. That's what Todd Courser wants to portray, It's that talk by Courser that alienates ALL sides who are tired of this schiessen. Back your candidate and work to get that candidate elected. I've voted for "establishment" candidates. I've voted for "tea party" candidates. I've voted for both. I'm not the only one who has voted for both. Campaigns are about matchups between individuals and geography as much as they are about ideology.

Here in Livingston County, we have three state legislature elections. For State Senate, as it stands Joe Hune is unopposed. Hune has a lot of support from both establishment and tea party. In the 42nd District, four people are running so far. Some tea party folks I know are split between two candidates. Some establishment folks I know are split between at least two candidates, maybe 3. In the 47th District, five people are running so far. Some tea party folks I know are split between at least four candidates. Some establishment folks I know are split between three candidates.  Among LCGOP base folks I know, it's split three ways (to varying amounts) with one district and four ways in the other. 

In other words, neither the "establishment" or "tea party" or "base" is a monolithic creation. There's various disagreement within those entities.

While I have not given any endorsement for Lt Governor, I know one person I will not be supporting. Since by his own definition he said he was not a candidate or a challenger, I'll just say that Courser won't get my support for anything he decides to run for - now or in the future. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Argus story on Ted Ring

From the Argus:

Retired math teacher and Vietnam War veteran Ted Ring wants to bring “common sense” representation to Michigan’s 47th House District seat in Lansing.
Ring, a Hartland Township resident, has created a six-person GOP primary field for the office representing most of Livingston County.
Ring, who is making his first run for public office, said his background in education and military service make him stand out in the large GOP field.
“I think I can appeal to a lot of people like that. I’m common sense,” he said. “I’m a likable guy.”
Ring said he’s concerned the new Common Core State Academic Standards in K-12 schools could be misleading students at least in math.
The new math and English standards are intended to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, and were conceived through a coalition of governors and school administrators with input from teachers, parents and business leaders.
Ring said he’s concerned the Common Core standards are making math a matter of debate rather than fact.
“That really concerns me. I think we’re screwing up our kids with that,” he said. “Everything I’ve seen doesn’t look good.”

I don't know Ted Ring so I can't comment on him one way or the other.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HD-47 - Aberasturi ends campaign, endorses Dr. Hank Vaupel

Press release from Charlie Aberasturi, now a former candidate of the 47th District

April 16, 2014
Aberasturi endorses Dr. Hank Vaupel for the 47th District State House of Representatives
HARTLAND, MI - Charlie Aberasturi has announced that he is ending his campaign for the 47th District State House of Representatives.
Aberasturi, of Hartland Township, who has served as a Hartland Board of Education trustee for 16 years, has been actively campaigning for the open position of 47th District State House of Representatives. He will now put his effort toward electing Dr. Hank Vaupel.
“I appreciate the support that has come my way from the Knights of Columbus, Pregnancy Helpline , Right to Life, others in the prolife movement, HAYAA, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, TRW employees and from school district parents, staff and children,” Aberasturi said.
Aberasturi said he has gotten to know Dr. Vaupel during the campaign and believes Dr. Vaupel is the candidate that is most closely aligned with his philosophy, on how to treat people properly and yet maintain a fiscally conservative outlook.
Aberasturi said. “I encourage my fellow knights, those in the prolife movement, employees and former employees of TRW , those with a concern for children and public schools, to support Hank Vaupel.”
For over 30 years, Aberasturi worked as a manufacturing financial manager for TRW and Kelsey-Hayes. In addition, he has volunteered for Pregnancy Help Clinic, Knights of Columbus, St. John the Baptist Church in Hartland, LACASA, as a coach and board member for the Hartland Area Youth Athletic Association.
Those who would like to volunteer to help Aberasturi in support of Dr. Vaupel may contact the voteVaupel team at or by calling (517) 375-3904.

We'll see what the fallout is from this.Obviously it's good news for Vaupel on two fronts. One is getting a Hartland endorsement, and the other is leaving the Hartland area wide open.  Aberasturi won Hartland in his 2008 primary against Cindy Denby.Theodore Ring seems to be from the Hartland area, but I have literally no idea who he is. He'll have to get activist if he wants a chance to win.

For ideology, it helps Vaupel with RTL and Catholic votes, although the other candidates are strong with RTL, and Phil Campbell is a very active Catholic in Howell.

This now leaves five people running. Handy Twp Supervisor Dr. Hank Vaupel, Former Howell School Board member Wendy Day, Howell Mayor Phil Campbell, activist Harold Melton, and Theodore Ring.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In dishonor of tax day

I had to pay the feds. Again. Four years in a row. "Thank you sir, may I have another!"

Pink Floyd - "Money, it's a hit. Don't give me that do goody good bullshit"
Kid Rock - "All you bastards at the IRS"
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Taxman
Cheap Trick - Taxman, Mr Thief. 

Skubick column on Joe Hune

Interesting column from Tim Skubick

From Mlive

When state Sen. Joe Hune stepped off the plane from a European vacation, he did not scramble for the phones to consult with his campaign team. Instead he immediately went to the side of a rare male albino two-humped camel that was born while he was gone and was struggling to stay alive.
That was a clear indication this guy was not running for Congress, although having a camel raiser in the U.S. House with Michigan’s former reindeer herder Congressman would have made headlines.

I've known Joe Hune since he ran for the then brand new 47th district back in 2002. At 22, he won a race he had no business (on paper) winning by taking his farm work ethic and strong organization,  and applying it to the campaign. It was a grassroots farmer and Fowlerville based victory.

I wasn't sure he was going to run or not. I've heard rumors of both, by good sources. The official word until the news came out was that there was no decision and that the rest of speculation.

It's well known that Joe's not a DC guy, which is why I think he would have done a great job there. He would have given DC a dose of much needed Fowlerville common sense, particularly on spending. Joe treats our tax money and our company time like he treats his own time. He doesn't like to waste it. As a constituent, I hoped he'd run. I also respect his decision to stay where he is. It wouldn't be me paying the price of the job in DC.

It would be a real high price if he ran. While I think he would have won the primary (no offense to Mike Bishop, Tom McMillin and Bryan Barnett, but they are all from the same area and a geographic mismatch to Hune) and the general (Hune wins independents and keeps the base), it still was not a sure thing. He's also be running every two years. While nothing is an absolute sure thing, Joe's the winner barring a disaster in the 22nd for re-election. His opponent will not catch him sleeping on the election. He'd give up a four year term if ran for Congress. He and his wife would leave home and the farm to go to DC if he won. DC politics is a nasty business and getting nastier.

Best of luck to Joe in re-election. As far as the 8th District goes, I'm keeping my powder dry for now and want to hear more from the candidates and refresh my research on their voting records and statements when they weren't dealing with a re-election. I also want to see who places an emphasis on Livingston County. While we're the 3rd most GOP county in the state by percentage, and 2nd among counties over 100,000 people, we're sometimes still viewed as a shadow of our surrounding counties. With three Rochester area candidates, we could very well choose the winner. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joe Hune running for State Senate, not Congress

From the Argus

State Sen. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township, will not seek the GOP nomination to succeed U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Howell, in Congress, Hune announced today.
Hune said he will instead focus on his reelection bid in the state Senate.
His announcement follows Monday's news that Rogers is endorsing former state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop of Rochester for the GOP nomination for the 8th Congressional District seat, which represents all of Livingston and Ingham counties, and a portion of Oakland County
In a statement, Hune said he wants to contribute to “strong conservative leadership” in Lansing and spend time with his family.
“Marcia and I are really touched and overwhelmed by all of the people who have contacted us about the possibility of running for Congress. We took some time and thought very carefully about what it meant for us as a family at this point in our lives,” Hune said in his statement.
“Just like everyone else, this situation came as a surprise to us. At a time when we want to grow and enjoy more family time, adopting a congressional lifestyle just doesn’t make sense,” he added.

The bad news is that my first choice for the Congressional seat is not running. The good news is that I have a very good state senator.  No, I'm not saying that to avoid getting spit on by his camels. He does good work. His office does good work. They all put with me when issues come up.

In the 8th District, that leaves State Senator Mike Bishop and Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett. Others may be jumping in. We'll see. The filing deadline is April 22nd, and 1000 VALID signatures are needed, so the window to jump in is extremely narrow.

MEA threatens a recall of Nick Fiani

From the Argus

Under his leadership as school board president, Nick Fiani said Brighton Area Schools board meetings have been short, calm and efficient.

Others, however, said the 26-year-old Fiani has been brash, disrespectful and is only using the school board as a steppingstone for higher political office. They also don’t like him requesting a police officer to be present at board meetings to prevent disorderly behavior, and they want him gone.
Retired Brighton teacher Millie Quinn told Fiani at the Board of Education meeting Monday that he needed to resign or she would start a recall. Quinn is a former president of the Brighton Education Association, the teachers’ union.
Jo Hurshe, a retired Brighton paraprofessional, also wants to see Fiani gone.
She said Fiani is using the school board as a steppingstone and is “stirring the pot to get some name recognition.” Fiani is a candidate for state representative in the 42nd House District.
“I think he lacks the maturity to understand what he’s really doing,” Hurshe said.
“I think he has a very adversarial tone,” she said. “In my opinion, it’s very immature.”

You're going to start a recall due to an MEA temper tantrum? This stuff is why the MEA leadership is disliked so much. Bullying. Intimidation. Political hit pieces, like the mailing against John Conely. Lawbreaking. There are many good teachers out there, but the leaders the union picks are among the the worst of all unions. That's bad company. 

The MEA loves recalls. They were the ones pushing the recalls in the past, and got Paul Scott's scalp after Paul had some unrelated unforced errors. However, Paul Scott was replaced by Joe Graves, another Republican. In addition, redistricting wasn't kind to Scott to begin with as it gave him a democrat district based in Burton. In short, they wasted a ton of taxpayer's money. The good news is that they wasted their own political coffers as well since they lost.

I do support the right for recalls. I don't think they should be judicial questions like many politicians. On the same note, I think BS recalls due to the MEA having a temper tantrum needs to be twarted if they go up for a vote. If you just don't like someone, vote them out at a regular election.

I get tired of Mike Tipton's comments in the papers all the time. Now I could probably get enough signatures to force a recall election in Howell Township, especially as he's twice run for higher office now before even serving 1/2 of a term. Am I going to do that? No. I'll wait until he's up for election in 2016, and then we will send him back to being a private citizen and end his electoral career. While I don't like it, I can live with it for two years and save taxpayer's money.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

More State Rep Candidates

There's been more State Rep Candidates who have announced since the last update so I'll mention this.

We have a long list of candidates here running as Republicans for State Rep including two very recent announcements. There may be more. So far the announced/filed candidates are in alphabetical order.
42nd District:
Nick Fiani
Rich Perlberg
Dale Rogers
Lana Theis

47th District:
Charlie Aberasturi
Phil Campbell
Wendy Day
Harold Melton
Theodore Ring
Hank Vaupel

Some of these folks we know. Some we see consistently or at least occasionally at our events. Some we have met once or twice. Some we've never met at all. One candidate I know literally nothing about. Most of these candidates have some sort of records. They have records of statements, donations, writings, and/or voting decisions at their local public offices. I encourage everybody to do their due diligence and look up these records of statements, donations, writings, and/or voting decisions on issues and make your decision based on that. Also make these be known to your primary election voting friends and family who may not be informed. While the 42nd and 47th Districts are considered on paper safe republican, nothing is 100% safe as Joseph Cao showed us in New Orleans, and John Espinoza showed us in Sanilac County (nearly as GOP as Livingston County). We must take this election seriously and nominate the best candidate, one who works hard, will get the base to vote, and also get enough independents to win without alienating the base.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

MI-08 - Mike Rogers endorses Bishop and the latest

There's a lot of crap stirring going on out there with this race and a lot of conspiracy theories I'm hearing about. Some of that is being pushed by the dems. That's not a surprise. They want a split party with this primary. Some of it is pushed by those with axes to grind against certain individuals. Some of it is those who want to put strong candidate or potential candidates and their teams against each other to open things up for an alternative.

From the Argus:

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Howell, on Monday endorsed former state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop of Rochester to be his replacement in Congress next year.

This should be read no more and no less than what it is. Mike Rogers and Mike Bishop served together in Lansing. They are friends. Mike didn't serve with Joe Hune or Bryan Barnett.

“We have two good people running so far,” county GOP Chairman Dan Wholihan said. Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett has announced his candidacy for the party’s nod for the seat.

“If Senator Hune runs, we’ll have a third good person as well,” Wholihan said.
“I’m biased, being a Livingston County guy, so I’d like to a have a good candidate out of Livingston County personally, but we have several good people running and I don’t think any of the two running, or if Senator Hune runs, would do a bad job,” Wholihan added.
He said he’ll support the party’s nominee regardless if that person is Joe Hune.

I didn't like the phrasing of "regardless if that person is Joe Hune" as it is contradicting sounding. My exact comment I believe was "regardless of who wins."  While being a Chair tempers my advocacy to a degree, everybody know who I'm voting for if a certain candidate runs. At the same time, that's not to say that I'd be voting against the other two or whomever else runs. This would be a race between "Good" and "Best." If Bishop or Barnett is the nominee, I'd have no problems voting for them.  

I doubt this would factor one way or the other on what Joe Hune decides. Hune is a grass roots candidate who won by knocking on doors of voters. He has the information he needs to make his decision and is discussing that with his family.

But state Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said he will endorse Hune if Hune decides to run, regardless of the GOP candidate list.Jones and Hune served three two-year terms together in the state House before serving together in the Senate. Jones said Hune has shown leadership on agricultural and insurance issues and would be a perfect fit in Washington, D.C.

Much like how Bishop and Mike Rogers served together, so do Rick Jones and Joe Hune. It speaks well of candidates when colleagues step up to the plate.  I've worked with Joe's office several times going back to 2002. Good work is done there.

Judy Daubenmier, chairwoman of the county Democratic Party, said Rogers has chosen to “meddle” in the GOP primary for his office. Daubenmier questioned if Rogers was attempting to eliminate Hune as a “tea party” alternative to a more mainstream Republican.

She said Rogers’ endorsement suggests Rogers has little confidence in Hune despite being a fellow county resident serving with Rogers’ brother, state Rep. Bill Rogers, R-Genoa Township, in Lansing.
“It certainly looks like he is trying to hand-pick his successor rather than let the voters have their say first. It smacks of a bid to push Hune out of the race before he even has decided whether to get into it,” Daubenmier said.
“It’s also surprising that Joe Hune is held in such low regard by a fellow Livingston County Republican, given that he serves in the county’s legislative delegation alongside Mike Rogers’ brother,” she added.

That's wishful thinking. There's nothing better the dems want than a split party and a nasty primary.

Wholihan said he doesn’t foresee a “tea party” rift in the GOP nomination for the seat. He said Bishop demonstrated the fiscal responsibility “tea party” Republicans demanded while serving in Lansing.Wholihan said many “tea party” Republicans supported Bishop over now-state Attorney General Bill Schuette in Bishop’s 2010 state attorney general campaign.

The tea party groups like Joe Hune. They split their votes between Mike Bishop and Bill Schuette back in 2010. I don't know how they felt about Bryan Barnett, but anyone who gets 77% of the vote doesn't do it by accident. "Establishment" people like Joe Hune. They split their votes between Mike Bishop and Bill Schuette. Oakland County establishment like Bryan Barnett quite a bit.

There's no coronation here. Mike Rogers has his opinion. I like Mike, but it doesn't affect my opinion one way or another. I'd like to see a candidate go after the spending and not raise taxes. I know for a fact that Joe Hune will do that.

There still may be more candidates. I've heard two or three more Oakland County individuals may run, along with someone who lives just outside the district. Things aren't in stone here. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Speed Limit proposals - a mixed bag

I saw this in the Argus. My view on speed limits is the same as my view on profanity. Time, place, and manner.

From the Argus

Road officials and advocates for construction workers fear a plan to increase speed limits on state and county roads could further endanger road crews.
Legislation introduced in late March would prohibit speed limits to be lowered more than 10 mph below the normal limit, with the total limit no lower than 30 mph, in local construction zones.
On expressways, the speed limit could not be decreased to lower than 60 mph in construction zones unless workers were in close proximity to barrel lines or not protected by barriers under the proposal.
The construction-zone component is one of many in the bill package, which also would create a maximum 80 mph speed limit on rural expressway segments.
State law currently enforces a 55 mph speed limit on unposted county roads. That would increase to 60 mph on unposted county roads under the bills.
If the proposed rules were in place last year, the speed limit could only have been reduced to 50 mph at Grand River Avenue and Burkhart Road in Howell Township during emergency repairs, noted Mike Craine, Livingston County Road Commission managing director.
 “There’s no freaking way that we could have let people go through there at 50 mph, which is what this law would seem to require,” Craine said.“It doesn’t really address the full range of conditions that road construction’s likely to present for safety of the motorist and safety of the worker,” he added.

My attitude regarding construction zone is this. Are people working at the site? If nothing is going on there and no people are there, I don't see a problem going 65-70. If there's work being done at the site, then going 60 is crazy. The other question is what is the definition of "close proximity?" 

I fully support 80mph on rural expressways in good weather.

As far as unposted county roads, that needs to be time/place, and matter. A road like D-19 or Chilson is one thing, but Cunningham Lake is another. I grew up on Cunningham Lake near the old Brighton Recreational Area on an rural unposted county road. The speed limit on that dirt road is currently 55. That's insane. Making it 60 is more insane. One of my complaints about the paving proposals from Genoa Township was the speed increase. Going 60 on that road is a good way to hit a deer, turkey, crane, dog, cat, hunter, jogger, walker, someone's grandkid, or another pedestrian.  During the last snow dusting, I saw the mailbox post get smashed due to a car hitting it. It was probably a total job or close to it. Hopefully the driver wasn't hurt too badly. 

I support this, although will this get rid of the 0 point 5 over tickets on the expressway when the cop gives a driver going 84 a semi-break?

The bills also would prohibit speeding tickets for driving 5 mph or less over posted limits.

Jones said there are several roadways statewide with low speed limits intended to catch motorists as they exit higher speed zones. The end result is often a costly ticket for the average commuter, he said.
“That’s just horrible, because what you’re doing is you’re writing a ticket for the average guy trying to get to work. His auto insurance goes up for three years,” he said.
“We’re trying to clean up the abuses,” Jones added.
Speed limits in Michigan are set based on the speed that 85 percent of traffic moves on a given road. The idea is to promote smooth traffic and target the 15 percent of motorists who drive too fast.

I like a lot of the IDEAS here. I despise speed traps as much as the next person, but not every speed limit drop is a speed trap. That's why I mentioned time, place, and manner.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

MI-08 - Saul not running

Waiting to see what Joe Hune decides. 

Via Twitter

Congress MI-8: I'm out for at least 3 practical reason:) Just can't afford it. Thanks to all who offered support!

Monday, March 31, 2014

MI-08 - Poll calls are out (Updated - Poll from Murray Communications)

I got a call from one of the county folks here. He said he was receiving a poll that listed five potential candidates for the 8th District. This was likely paid by the candidate or a "friend of the program" and it listed five names. We both expected it was paid for by someone not yet in doing a poll for a starting point.

Going in alphabetical order

Saul Anuzis
Bryan Barnett
Mike Bishop
Steve Hantler
Joe Hune.


The poll was from Murray Communications, a consulting firm that works for Marty Knollenberg. It's a wide open race. Joe Hune hasn't decided. I've heard Hantler is unlikely and he doesn't live in the district. Anuzis hasn't decided.


PORTABLE INSIGHTS: (401) 352-4005 x210    
COMBAT DATA: (517) 449-7058


OKEMOS, MI – Former State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) holds a 22.96% to 17.65% lead over State Senator Joe Hune (R-Fowlerville) in the race to succeed retiring Congressman Mike Rogers, according to a survey of Republican primary voters conducted by Murray Communications-Portable Insights-Combat Data. Nearly half of respondents were undecided.

In addition to Bishop and Hune, the following Republicans were included in the survey: Saul Anuzis (R-Lansing), Bryan Barnett (R-Rochester Hills), and Steve Hantler (R-West Bloomfield).

The automated survey of 884 likely 8th District Republican primary voters was conducted on Monday, March 31 and has a margin of error of 3.29%. Full results follow:

8th District..............100.00% (884)

Mike Bishop................22.96% (203)
Joe Hune...................17.65% (156)
Bryan Barnett...............5.66%  (50)
Saul Anuzis.................3.51%  (31)
Steve Hantler...............1.58%  (14)
Undecided..................48.64% (430)

“Bishop’s numbers initial numbers are good, but there may be dark clouds on the horizon as other Oakland County based candidates ramp up their campaigns. So far, Hune has Livingston County all to himself and next door Ingham County is wide open,” said Mike Murray of Murray Communications.

“Aside from the loud ticking coming from nominating petition clock for the potential candidates, this primary is still in it primordial stage. Geographically, Hune’s centralized location should give him vote momentum opportunities in both directions fairly quickly if he gets in the game,” said Brian Bellgowan of Combat Data.

“The field is still pretty fluid and voters are up for grabs,” said Christopher Mark of Portable Insights. “Nearly half of voters are not settled on any of these candidates, meaning that any one of them -- or perhaps someone else -- has a chance to break out, but they’re going to have to act quickly.”

The poll is a collaborative effort between Murray Communications, a Michigan-based Republican political consulting firm; Portable Insights, a Rhode Island-based opinion research company; and Combat Data Inc., a Michigan-based political data and voter outreach services company. 

Murray Communications can be contacted by phone at (517) 505-0447, by email at or on the Internet at Facebook: Twitter: @MurrComm.

Portable Insights can be contacted at (401) 352-4005 x210, or by email at or on the Internet at Facebook: Twitter: @VoteMiner.

Combat Data can be contacted at (517) 449-7058, by email at, or on the Internet at

None of the companies currently represent any of the individuals named in the poll.

# # #

884 identified Republicans who have voted in at least two out of the last three primary elections.

8th District Congressional Robo Poll - Script
March 31, 2014
884 Sample, MOE 3.29% @ 95% Confidence

This is an automated survey of Republican Primary voters. This one-question survey will take approximately 90 seconds to complete. 

Current Republican Congressman Mike Rogers announced last week that he would not seek reelection. There are five Republicans who’ve either announced they’re running, or expressed an interest in running.

In August, Republicans will vote in a Primary Election to select their party’s choice for the November General Election.

I will now read you the names of these five Republicans -- twice. I will then ask you to use the touch-tone on your phone to select the individual you prefer THE MOST. If you are undecided, you will have the option to indicate that.

Please listen carefully, the Republicans are:

Saul Anuzis
Bryan Barnett
Mike Bishop
Joe Hune
Steve Hantler

Those Republicans, again, in a different order, are:

Joe Hune
Mike Bishop
Steve Hantler
Saul Anuzis
Bryan Barnett

If you would like to hear those names again, please press ZERO now. If you’re ready to choose, please wait for prompt, as the names will be read, again, in a different order.

Q1 If your choice is Steve Hantler, please press ONE NOW
If your choice is Bryan Barnett, please press TWO NOW
If your choice is Joe Hune, please press THREE NOW
If your choice is Mike Bishop, please press FOUR NOW
If your choice is Saul Anuzis, please press FIVE NOW
If you’re Undecided, please press SIX NOW.

This concludes our survey. This survey was paid for by Murray Communications, Portable Insights and Combat Data, and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.



Oakland County.............45.02% (398)

Mike Bishop................42.96% (171)
Bryan Barnett..............10.55%  (42)
Saul Anuzis.................3.27%  (13)
Joe Hune....................1.76%   (7)
Steve Hantler...............1.51%   (6)
Undecided..................39.95% (159)

Livingston County..........34.95% (309)

Joe Hune...................44.34% (137)
Mike Bishop.................5.50%  (17)
Saul Anuzis.................1.94%   (6)
Steve Hantler...............1.94%   (6)
Bryan Barnett...............1.29%   (4)
Undecided..................44.98% (139)

Ingham County..............20.02% (177)

Mike Bishop.................8.47%  (15)
Saul Anuzis.................6.78%  (12)
Joe Hune....................6.78%  (12)
Bryan Barnett...............2.26%   (4)
Steve Hantler...............1.13%   (2)
Undecided..................74.58% (132)

MI-04 - Dave Camp retiring

From Detroit Free Press

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Dave Camp, a Republican from Midland who has in recent years chaired the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, will not seek re-election this year, adding to the growing number of Michigan members of Congress heading toward the exits.
Camp, 60, made the announcement official late today, saying the decision was “reached after much consideration and discussion with my family.” He did not give a reason for the decision.
In recent years, Camp has been a fervent proponent of changing and simplifying the U.S. tax code but there seemed to be little enthusiasm for making such a change in advance of the midterm elections. Because of House Republican rules, Camp will be forced to step down as Ways and Means chairman at the end of this year

My old description of MI-04 is here:

Right now, there's one Republican candidate who was challenging Camp in the primary, Peter Konetchy, a businessman from Roscommon. Konetchy ran for Senate and nearly got 15000 signatures basically himself until Gary Glenn's people challenged his petitions and got 700 knocked off. Peter's a strong tea party activist, but unlike many didn't make the gaffes others have made in his Senate run.

I don't know who's going to go for it besides Konetchy who stepped up to the plate early. There are a lot of reps are in this district. Midland punches well above their numbers downticket and there are several potential candidates from there. (Stamases, Moolenaar). Kevin Cotter run ahead of the ticket in Mt Pleasant, as do the Cauls. Bruce Rendon and Tim Moore are Up North. Dr Roger Kahn in Saginaw County. Tom Leonard and Alan Cropsey in Clinton County. Judy Emmons in Montcalm County.

There's two Democrats that I can see making things real difficult, and that's the Sheltrown brothers. Dale and especially Joel were state reps out of Ogemaw County. They carried tough districts there and were outspoken 2nd Amendment supporters who ran well ahead of the ticket.

As I see this currently, if the dems run Sheltrown, lean R. If not, safe R. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The bogus email parades are back

I'll just say the old convention classic pastime is back, now for my primary. There's a bogus email being sent out with a bunch of stuff written by someone that "doesn't exist." I also don't particularly care for people who crap in my backyard.

If you are trying to help a certain person with that email, you aren't. This stuff doesn't play well in Livingston County. If you are receiving this email, put it in the circular file where it belongs. If the person can't list their (actual) name and something about who they area, then it's not that important to begin with.

Everyone has an agenda. Let's remember that.

MI-08 - Who's going to be my next Congressman?

Update 3-31-14 - Former State Senator Mike Bishop and Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, both from the Rochester area are running. 

A new era is beginning here in the 8th District. 

(Full disclosure, I did some work for Sen. Joe Hune in his 2010 campaign)

With Mike Rogers retiring, things have significantly changed here. The 8th District leans Republican, but isn't a safe district with Mike Rogers retiring. It went for the dems at the top of the ticket in 2006 and 2008, and went for the Republicans in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010, and 2012. I went over the presidential numbers in depth here and explored an open possibility here. I'm not going to rehash the presidential numbers much or the top of the ticket numbers much here. In an Republican year, we win. In a neutral year, we probably win, but candidate quality will matter more. In a bad year, we better have a damn good candidate. The top of the ticket will have its own variables. We have to control what we control, and that means voting for a good candidate in this August primary, whomever it may be.

There's a lot of rumors going on about candidates who are and who aren't running. I'm not going to do a lot of speculation except  to say that oftentimes the national reporters don't have any idea what they are talking about. If the person doesn't live in the district or have ties to the district, the person won't be a serious candidate more than likely. Especially if the districts don't all run together (like the Bloomfield area in the 9th, 11th, and 14th). The 8th isn't like that outside of a small part of Rochester Hills which is in both districts (mostly in the 8th).

Politics 1 mentions Saul Anuzis, Bryan Barnett, Mike Bishop, Mike Bouchard, Craig DeRoche, Gail Haines, Joe Hune, Rick Jones, Jim Marleau, Tom McMillin, Barb Byrum, Sam Singh, and Peter Spadafore as possible candidates (In addition to the two announced dems Ken Darga and Susan Grettenberger).  There was very little research done there and by the national press. Mike Bouchard and Craig DeRoche both live in the 11th District nowhere near the 8th. Birmingham and Novi. Jones is in Grand Ledge, in the 7th District. He's never represented any of the 8th. Gail Haines is in the 11th, and only represents a small part of the 8th. I don't expect many of those to be serious contenders. This is not a carpetbagging friendly area, especially away from Oakland County. One better have some good ties here at minimum. Bill Rogers has announced he's not running. Joe Hune and Mike Bishop are significant names who would be contenders if they choose to run.  They are considering. Saul Anuzis who lives in Lansing (although the Eaton County side - barely) announced he is considering.  Bryan Barnett (Rochester Hills Mayor) has apparently announced he's running.  If Brad Jacobsen, Tom McMillin, or Jim Marleau run, they certainly can't be counted out. I have not heard interest expressed by them, but this is a very recent announcement. On the dem side, I expect Barb Byrum to run. The other names I've heard there are sacrificial lamb candidates. Byrum would be a tougher candidate.

The filing deadline is April 22nd. This is significant. I'll be real blunt here. There's a petition requirement of 1000 valid signatures. That means 1500-2000 are more likely needed, and not "McCotter campaign staff" style. That means there isn't much time.  Three weeks. Whoever jumps in now has to have serious organization, or the ability to raise enough money to hire petition circulators.  Anyone that doesn't have instant organization to do that is wasting their time, their money, staff time,  and volunteer time.  I don't want to lose this seat to a democrat. The easiest way to see that happen is for there to be poor organization on the R side and a bad candidate due to that.

So who would be the strongest candidates?

That's a question where we would need an educated guess. I'm going to look at four potential Republican candidates for now in alphabetical order as these the names I've heard the most.  Saul Anuzis. Bryan Barnett. Mike Bishop. Joe Hune.  On the dem side, the only potential with any chance that I can see at this point is Barb Byrum. (Gretchen Whitmer isn't running).

I'll start with the democrat, Byrum. Barb Byrum won three races in a borderline swing/slightly democrat district in Ingham County, along with the Ingham County Clerk position. Byrum's old district, the old HD-67 covers rural Ingham County, Mason, Delhi Township, and Southwest Lansing.  I believe she's in the Mason or Leslie area. Dianne represented Onondaga. The Byrums have some strength in rural Ingham County, although their real base in the portion of Lansing in their district. This is the least democrat state rep district in the county, as the other two districts are all of Lansing or overwhelmingly East Lansing/Meridian Twp based.
Unfortunately, most of the analysis is through wave elections (06, 08, 10) so it's of limited use. However, Byrum probably has to match 2006 Granholm or 2008 Obama numbers to have a chance to win. 

Overall, she'll need to get numbers similar to Obama/Granholm in 06/08 if she's going to have a good shot winning. That means about 57% or better in the district. Mike Rogers always won this state rep district.  Byrum got about 58-59% in 2006 and 63% in 2008. 2010 was a scare for her, but she survived. 2012 was countywide and she got 68%. Lansing turnout will be the biggest key for her.

Saul Anuzis has never held elected office. He's been a Legislative Chief of Staff, a consultant, a State Party Chair, and an RNC Committeeman. He's been very active behind the scenes, but this would be new territory. 

I don't know much about Bryan Barnett. He won his Rochester Hills mayoral election easily in 2011. 77.29% to 22.46%. He won in 2007 with a similar margin.  Most of Rochester Hills is in the 8th District, but only as of the 2012 election. It's a big jump from mayor to Congress, even in a city of 71,000. It's slightly smaller than a state rep district.

Mike Bishop is former Senate Majority Leader and State Rep. He ran for St Senate in 2002 and 2006 winning easily. He ran for AG at a convention and lost a tight race to Bill Schuette. No shame there.  He lost to Jessica Cooper in the 2012 election for prosecutor by 5%. Straight tickets in places like Pontiac and Southfield did him in. The area he lost was not in the 8th district.
Bishop had mostly wave elections as well during his career, although 2000 and 2002 weren't waves.  In 1998, John Engler was an incumbent and had Geoffrey Fieger  as an opponent. Todd Akin post gaffe would win against Fieger.  Bishop ran 5% behind Engler, but got 70%+ in his district.
In 2000, he ran 8-10% better than Bush across the board. Nothing overlapped with Mike Rogers as none of his district at the time was in the 8th. Bishop was in the 1990's incarnation of HD-45 which was Addison Twp, Orion Twp, Oxford Twp, Oakland Twp, Rochester, and part of Rochester Hills. It was a blood red district and still is today. North Oakland outside of Holly Twp is as Republican as Livingston County (Rochester area less R, but still safe)

In 2002, Bishop ran for State Senate and won.  SD-15 at the time has much of the North Oakland part now in the 8th at the same period. The district has Addison Twp,  Clarkston, Independence Twp, Oakland Twp (now 8th, wasn't then), Orion Twp, Oxford Twp,  Rochester (now 8th, wasn't then) , and Rochester Hills (most now in 8th, wasn't then).  It also had Auburn Hills, Keego Harbor, Lake Angelus, Pontiac, and Sylvan Lake which is in other districts. He ran ahead of Posthumus  across the board, by major numbers outside of Pontiac. He ran slightly ahead of Mike Rogers (1-2%) in most of the district outside of Independence and Clarkston which was within 1%.

2006 was a bad year, but Bishop won easily, albeit with 56% instead of 62%. He ran well ahead of DeVos outside of Pontiac and Keego Harbor, and by 10%+ better in his home turf of Rochester/Rochester Hills. Like 2002, he ran slightly ahead of Rogers outside of Independence/Clarkston (less than 1% variation). Pontiac is a straight ticket graveyard without base areas outvoting it. Auburn Hills is tough territory. They don't matter in the 8th.
2012 was a little different. Bishop ran slightly ahead of Romney in the 8th District part of the district when going for prosecutor. He ran behind Rogers across the board outside of Rochester and Clarkston. That's due to Rogers facing Lance Enderle who was a sacrificial lamb. Bishop challenged a strong incumbent in Jessica Cooper (was a judge before prosecutor).  Not surprising, Bishop was much stronger in the Eastern part of Oakland County in the 8th district.  Here's a map, because it has probably the best comparisons. The red is where he ran ahead of Romney by over 2%. The  "dark salmon" is where he ran ahead by 0-2%. The light blue is where he ran behind by 0-2%. He didn't run behind Romney anywhere by a significant margin.

Bishop12 Romney

This is the only time where Bishop was held to what is slightly better than "generic R." Bishop got 59.92% in North Oakland compared to Romney's 58.35% (and Rogers 63.42%). Even so, he's still quite strong in Orion Twp, Oakland Twp, and the Rochester area. That's his base.

The last potential  candidate here is Joe Hune.  In 2002, Livingston County went big for Republicans overall.  Rogers was at his height in popularity, and also had a D- opponent.  Hune ran well behind Rogers in his first race - except in his home base of Handy Twp where he ran ahead of even Mike Rogers breaking 80% there.  Hune running 7% behind Mike Rogers isn't to be confused that with weakness. Hune won the general election with 68% to Rogers  75%. Both ran ahead of the top of the ticket by significant margins. Posthumus  got 61.28%, Hune 68.85%, and Rogers 75.85%. 

In 2004, Hune has his best year by percentage. He ran 9% ahead of Bush, and even ahead of Rogers, although by less than 1%. He ran strongly ahead of Bush everyone. The red is where he ran  ahead of Rogers by 2%. The black is where he ran ahead by 5% or more. The "dark salmon" is where he ran ahead 0-2%.  Light blue is where Rogers ran 0-2% ahead. The blue is where Rogers ran 3-5%+ Keep in mind that in his weaker areas, he still ran well ahead of Bush - and Bush won the district with 61.85%. Hune and Rogers  broke 70%.


2006 was a rougher year. DeVos was held to 55.82% in the district. Hune had 61.56% and Rogers 62.15%. He didn't run ahead of Rogers this time, but here's the map with the same codes.


2010 was a wave year and Rogers and Snyder both got over 71%. Hune ran behind them a bit for an open seat (ran almost even in his base area), but still got almost 68%. Rogers is originally from Brighton Township, so that factors into the difference with Rogers.  This is the first time Hune represented that part of the county. 

Again, the thing to remember is that Mike Rogers is generally the gold standard of Republican electoral performance in this district. In all except one race, Mike Bishop ran well ahead of the ticket. In all races, except the 2010 wave, Joe Hune ran well ahead of the ticket.  Neither of these two would drag down the ticket. This is not measuring "weakness", but extra strength needed to go into a congressional run in case of trouble against a democrat. 

If Hune, Bishop, Anuzis, Barnett, or someone else gets numbers ahead of the top of the ticket in a neutral or wave election, we'll be fine. If we have someone that underperforms, we're in trouble. 

The announcement about Rogers not running is two days ago, so there's a lot of behind the scenes rumors, measuring, jockeying, and organization going on right now. There is not a major window with the quick filing deadline. Expect some decisions to be made fast, and for a lot of people to get behind a candidate (or two) quickly so this person gets on the ballot. 

Let's hope for a good clean primary with minimum mudslinging, and hope the best candidate wins.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mike Rogers retiring (MI-8)

This caught me offguard. I'll have more about the fallout later.

Thanks for the time you put in, Mike. Thank your staffers for putting up with my calls. Good luck in your new career.

From WHMI:

Rogers Will Not Seek Re-Election; Heading to Radio

News Photo 3/28/14 - Seven-term Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Howell says he won't seek re-election. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee announced his plans this morning and says he'll serve out the end of his term and plans to start a national radio program. In a statement released by his office today, Rogers said, “It has been an honor to serve the people of Michigan's eighth congressional district over the last 14 years. We have accomplished so much together, and I am most proud of our work to turn the House Intelligence Committee into a true legislative and oversight body. But I have always believed in our founder's idea of a citizen legislature. I had a career before politics and always planned to have one after. The genius of our institutions is they are not dependent on the individual temporary occupants privileged to serve. That is why I have decided not to seek re-election to Congress in 2014. As I close this chapter in my life, I am excited to begin a new one that allows me to continue serving as a voice for American exceptionalism and support a strong nation security policy agenda.” Rogers said he’ll start in January as a nationally syndicated radio show host at Cumulus Radio. The 50-year-old Rogers was elected to Michigan's 8th District in 2000, has been a frequent critic of the Obama Administration during many appearances on Sunday morning talk shows, although he was briefly floated as a potential CIA director nominee following Obama’s 2012 reelection victory. Rogers has also formed a good relationship with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee. The pair have been staunch defenders of the controversial NSA surveillance programs disclosed by former contractor Edward Snowden. But Rogers and Ruppersberger also recently offered legislation ending NSA bulk collection program for phone calls and other agency reforms. The youngest of five sons, Rogers graduated from Adrian College in 1985, served as an officer in U.S. Army and then became an FBI agent before winning a seat in the Michigan Senate in 1995, rising to majority floor leader in 1999. He ran for the first of his seven terms in Congress the following year. (JK)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Timothy Johnson - Where are we going to get the money?

In my district, HD-42, we have a democrat who has announced, Timothy Johnson.

From Brighton Patch and Judy Daubenmier

A teacher with nearly 20 years of experience in special education has announced that he will run for the Democratic nomination for the 42nd House seat in Livingston County.
Timothy Johnson said Friday he is planning to file his papers for the Democratic nomination with the Livingston County Clerk's office soon.
"The quality of life is no longer improving for 99 percent of the people in Michigan. A few powerful special interests are dictating state policy and private morality for the majority. I want to reverse those trends by speaking up for the rest of us," he said.

The most telling part of the article is this quote. Judy Daubenmier is the Chair for the Democrats, so I highly doubt she will misquote him.

The most critical issues facing the area, Johnson said, are more funding for public schools; increasing spending for Michigan infrastructure, including roads and bridges, and protecting the environment, especially greater regulation of fracking.
Where are we going to get the money?  It doesn't grow on trees. 

Also saw Tim's facebook page.. His views are well out of the mainstream of Michigan, including center-right Livingston County.  He is a self-described "Elizabeth Warren" democrat.

This guy is to the left of 99% of Livingston County.  He spent two years in my county and wants to change us to something leftist by any standard. No thanks. We don't need Wayne County politics here.

On his site, he mentions as reasons for running.

1. Tired of being told men rule. 

Folks, if you agree, we have someone who isn't a man running in the 42nd district. That's not Timothy Johnson.

2. Tired of being told white men rule. 

Wouldn't that include Timothy Johnson? We do have one candidate, arguable two depending on definition of what you consider "white" if that matters, who isn't running in the 42nd District. That's not Timothy Johnson.

3. Tired of being told old white men rule. 

I don't know how old Timothy Johnson is, but he looks older than at least two of our candidates. I'm not sure why "old" or "white" or "men" should matter in the first place, but he obviously think it's an issue.

While is talks about being an NRA member, he's like Michael Moore who claimed to be an NRA member, but he's still a gun grabber. He thinks he should be allowed to own guns, but not the "little people." The Second Amendment is not about hunting. He wants a "serious talk" on gun control, but it's been done election time time and time again. Even in anti-gun states, gun owners in Connecticut are breaking the law by not turning them in. Oh well.

He's pro-abortion. He supports a $15 minimum wage. He doesn't like Rush Limbaugh (that's fine) so he wants to shut him down. This guy can not handle disagreement. No wonder why he's a gun grabber (of other people's guns, not his of course. Typical Union Rep politician).

Luckily we have options. Three candidates are running on the Republican side, all of whom are much closer to mainstream Michigan including our own center-right Livingston County. In alphabetical order:

Nick Fiani

Dale Rogers

Lana Theis

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dumbass tweets make front page news

I don't know what's a bigger joke, and not in the funny sense - some stupid tweets from dumbass teenagers, or the fact that this made Mlive and the Argus due to some long dead New York City transplant who was dead before these teenagers were born. If this was black students railing against "crackers" in Detroit, it wouldn't make the news. If it was white students in Fenton, it might have made the news, but probably not. Because it's Howell, and the geographically ignorant white guilt media is who we thought they are, it's the news.

Unfortunately, this is distracted from what SHOULD be the story. Howell won a regional title in basketball winning over Grand Blanc 54-49. Good for them, and I say that as a Bulldog. The story is the race card. Again.
Hey Stoopid! All of you. The twits that posted that most of all, and also to only a slightly lesser extent, the media who made a story out of this, and most of all, those who are ignorant about reality in Livingston County.

From the Argus:

This weekend, a small, very small, yet toxic part of Livingston County history bubbled forth from the ignorant ooze from which it came.
It’s a drop, a small drop, but it once again casts aspersions on an entire community based on the ignorant assumptions of a tiny minority.
They came after Howell beat Grand Blanc in the regional basketball final on Thursday night, and they came on that platform where some people clearly relish their ignorance: Twitter.
Stuff about how Howell’s win was a win for white power. Stuff about proud racism.
Well, “stuff” is the word I use here. The real word rhymes with the first syllable of “Twitter.”
Because that’s what it is. Feel free to add “bull.”
The people who posted some of this stuff were Howell High School students. School officials told that they would discipline those responsible, since it wasn’t that hard to figure out who did.

I agree that it was bullshit, so why make a story out of it?


HOWELL, MI -- Shocking tweets celebrating a "white" team's victory erupted Thursday following the Howell boys basketball win over Grand Blanc.
Several students in Howell are now facing disciplinary action, according to the high school principal.
Grand Blanc lost 54-49 to Howell in the Class A regional final at Linden High School Thursday.
Among the Twitter messages posted after the game the night of March 13:
"Not only did we beat Grand Blanc but we're all white. Howell's the definite winner tonight."
"All hail white power. #HitlerIsMyDad"
"Tonight was probably one of the most racists nights of my life. I heard so many slurs and expressions. I also said a few things..."
Hastags with other tweets included  #kkk, #lightthehcross, #rosaparks, #wewhite.
Howell High School Principal Jason Schrock said he's well aware of the tweets, and disciplinary action has been taken against those involved.

This is the merging of shock value and sports fan culture (which frankly is a lot more harsh in Europe). Sports fan culture is harsh. The boo birds are tough. It shouldn't be as much in High School (although we all loved boos and getting ripped by other team fans), but I remember a few chants from students that I'm not going to repeat here. No, they weren't racial slurs, but it wasn't very nice. It was shock value. There's some lines that shouldn't be crossed, but they are. Teenagers in general do dumbass things. It's why they aren't adults. It's their nature, especially if they have been drinking. Most of them grow up, mature, and learn how to properly deal with people. The rest become politicians and media people. Those tweets obviously crossed the line. I shouldn't even have to say that, but I don't want the media to take these posts out of context. It is well known that racial crap is unacceptable in polite society, including our own Livingston County. That's why those tweets were sent out. It's going to obviously get a reaction. On that same note, the "World Wide Web" has the word "World" out there, and guess what. They aren't really anonymous.  Hey Stoopid!

In my three years I lived in Howell, I never heard any racial crap there. In my 35 years in Livingston County, I haven't heard it much since I grew up. Howell, Brighton, or the townships. It's viewed as unacceptable for obvious reasons. I've heard it on very rare occasions. I won't say never, but I haven't heard any in two years in this county, even down to the comment level. The last I heard here was in Green Oak by someone who lived in Farmington Hills, not a place which gets suspected of this stuff. Does that speak for Farmington Hills or Green Oak? No. It speaks for the dumbass who said it. No more. No less. The most recent racial crap I heard not on TV was in Lansing from white union democrat goons who ripped town the AFP tent and trashed the hot dog cart of a friend of mine. That's a lot worse than some dumbass twits, I mean tweets.

It's said that those students are going to be reprimanded. If I was dad, I'd be sending them up to Flint for some community service and an education as I wouldn't be accepting of that stuff who would be embarrassing with my last name. In house, no media involvement. I'd also be teaching about the first word in World Wide Web. World.

I fully expect the tweeters to grow up and realize that what is posted online matters. I don't expect the "waving the bloody shirt" media to do the same.