Thursday, August 05, 2010

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

This can be Part II of my earlier post - Rick Snyder has to earn my vote.

I've changed a little bit the last two years. It's part of the harder edge to this blog. I wouldn't say I'm less pragmatic, but it's a different sort of pragmatism than I had. Barack Obama has a bit to do with that. George Bush as well.

I also have more hard feelings towards some of the so called "moderates" than I had before. Joe Schwarz was one of Snyder's big pushers. He endorsed Mark Schauer who helped deliver Obamacare. Bill Milliken supported Obama. A bunch of so called "conservative" pundits endorsed far leftist Obama. This was after they demanded and got, their guy, John McCain the nomination in the Republican party. They got their guy, and then backed the biggest disaster since Carter. Now these people want me to fall in line behind their guy, after they abandoned their own guy in 2008, while I took one for the team in voting for McCain? Milliken and Schwarz need to be humbled a bit.

Big government economics is a disaster. The big spending left wing policies destroyed the GOP. It cost us our soul, our credibility, and control of congress. Ted Stevens is the posterboy for the problem. Bush signed this bills and deserve as much blame as Stevens, and the democrats who helped enact them. Big spending from 2002-2008 was bipartisanship at its worst, ending in the bailout supported by McCain, Obama, and Bush alike. Independents abandoned the party and put us at our worst point since the 70's - the Bill Milliken era. What does Milliken and today have in common, people leaving the state.

More than anything else, our party needs to get its fiscal conservatism back. If it is tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, the democrats win, and also get more power to enact far left programs like Obamacare, after Bush enacted dem-lite programs like prescription drugs. We got double big government. Fiscal conservative independents simply threw the bums out the first time, and got more of the same on steroids.

Snyder needs to distant himself from the fiscal liberalism of Schwarz and Milliken. He needs to not be hostile to social conservatives and gun owners. I'll accept status quo if he appoints good judges. I don't like it, but I'll accept it. I won't accept fiscal liberalism and big government spending. I also won't accept hostility on the social issues that are important to me. Life and the 2nd amendment.

From a pragmatic standpoint, fiscal liberal and big government republicans (Bush was the best democrat the republicans ever had on fiscal matters) lead to disaster. I blame that for Obama. If we get four years of big government republicanism, like we did with the Johnson/Sikkema state legislature, it will lead to hard left tax increases and even more spending and disaster down the road. What scares me with Snyder is that the people he hangs around support that stuff. Center for Michigan. Schwarz. Milliken. Outsourcing needs to be addressed as well and not ignored. Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan are right when it comes to outsourcing.

If conservatives skip the governor's race, the bad news is Governor Virg. We know what we are going to get from Virg. Far leftism. Granholm on roids. Unfortunately, that will impact downticket too if conservatives stay home. No matter what conservatives do in the governor's race, people like Dan Benishek (if things stand), Justin Amash, Tim Walberg, and Rocky Raczkowski need our help. Show up for them. We know what Virg will do and it's not good. Damned if we do skip the governor's race.

Unfortunately, Snyder has the vagueness that reminds me so much of Granholm (and frankly, Bush, Obama, and Kerry). All which can be done from his "plans" and associations is speculation. That's part of the problem. If his plans are democrat lite, we'll get four years of crap, and then someone like Gretchen Whitmer will win four years later on a "four years of Bush politics showed once again blah blah blah" platform. I'll take Virg over Whitmer if I'm stuck with that choice BTW. Damned if we don't skip the governor's race.

My biggest fear of Snyder governorship is something that The Other Club's Duane Herschberger said on Jason Gillman's blog, Michigan taxes too much.

I think I’ll vote for Bernero because if we’re going to have a Dem governor he might as well be called a Dem.

That way I won’t have to listen to “See, Republicans do it too,” from a bunch of mealy-mouthed Liberals for the next 4 years.

And what’s the difference, really? Bernero will give money to the unions directly, Snyder will use MEDC.

I'll never vote Bernero, but that and the following comment is why I am through with fiscal leftism among republicans.

Archiespeak on RightMichigan said this.

Snyder wins, does nothing to fix the budget, size of government, tax structure, unions, etc. etc. Based on his track record, this is a likely scenario. I saw a good point posted on here before that said he'll hit a brick wall if he tries to govern as a just doesn't work in politics.

So, 2014 rolls around and Michigan's economy is worse off than it is now. Dems would then have the opportunity to say "Look at where the big business GOP governer has gotten you!" and win in a landslide.

They way I see it, if Snyder wins we're guaranteed a Democrat in 2014.

Snyder is an unknown, but I have suspicions. If those are alleviated to something I can accept, I'll vote for him. If not, I'll be voting for blank or someone else. This is what Snyder needs to show me in a real, not BS, not corporate fluff, a real plan.

Ball's in his court. He's got slightly less than 3 months to convince me. I haven't shut the door yet. Some I know have. I'm not going to simply pull the R by default this time like I did with Bush in 04 and McCain in 08 out of my concerns for the greater of two evils. I'm thinking long time this time, not short term.

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Centrist1 said...

Snyder has said that he plans on eliminating the Michigan Business Tax in its entirety, which will ultimately amount to a $1.5 billion tax cut. He is a fiscal conservative to the core. What he is not is a social conservative, but then again, he's not a social liberal either.

As for presenting a clear plan, read the white papers: