Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Kevin Spicher for Genoa Township Supervisor. Also fire Todd Smith.

For those that don't know, Genoa Township is between Howell and Brighton in Livingston County. It's a mix of rural, suburban residential, and some development largely around Grand River near Latson Rd. While I'm in Green Oak Township today, I was raised in Genoa Twp, and have a lot of friends and family still here.

I was going to post this earlier, but I needed to find some proof. It's no secret that if I was still in Genoa Township, that I'd be voting for Kevin Spicher. Part of that is that Spicher is a good guy who started his own successful business. Part of it is also that the incumbents there need to be sent home. Kevin's a nice who won't go negative. When someone asks him about the incumbents, he'll decline to really say anything about them. It's who he is.

Remember the Genoa Township "downtown" proposal that was in the news awhile back? I was driving from the west end of Genoa Township back down Grand River and got to Dorr Road. I saw an interesting sign there by a big field across from Wilson Marine. Laurex Real Estate. Who the big shot at Laurex? Todd Smith, their President, as well as Genoa Township Trustee, and broker for the property at that intersection. The associate broker at Laurex is Gary McCririe who is Genoa Township Supervisor (and not to be confused with Bill McCririe who is a good guy). Who has a lot of pull with zoning issues? The board. If you look at the Laurex properties listed, you'll find a bunch of Grand River Genoa Township properties including this "Town Center" listing here. Here's a picture of the area. It doesn't look much like a "downtown" or "town center" to me, although someone (like Laurex) would make out like a bandit if it became one, especially if they create their own building department like they wanted to do.

Genoa Township needs to be what it is. It's a mostly semi-rural area between Howell and Brighton. We also don't need these types of conflict of interests among the board members with sweetheart property development issues. Kevin Spicher for Township Supervisor. Linda Rowell, Keli Woodall, and Bill Taylor for trustee. No Todd Smith or Laurex for that fourth spot.

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